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The most unisex bar of soap you will ever smell. The perfect essential oil blend of smoky, spicy and a little sweet. This bar also features a blend of activated charcoal and kaolin clay to detoxify your skin while gently exfoliating. 


Olive, coconut, avocado, castor oils; shea butter, activated charcoal, kaolin clay, vetiver, bergamot, cedarwood and ginger essential oils.

To Use:

Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Gentle enough for your face. Keep dry in between uses to extend bar life

Minor Obsession bar soaps are natural, vegan and palm-oil free. They are free from artificial ingredients, synthetic fragrances, dyes and preservatives. Each MO bar is made in small batches to ensure you receive the highest quality product.

Approximately 5oz / 141g 

Charcoal Vetiver Detoxing Bar Soap
Charcoal Vetiver Detoxing Bar Soap