Minor Obsession is a home essentials brand that makes eco-conscious products for truly healthier skin. 


Courtney Lawrence has always had a passion for ingredient conscious products that not only is safe for your body, but also is safe for the environment and most importantly smell amazing. Born and raised in Cincinnati, she attended and graduated from the University of Toledo with a concentration in biology. . Soap making became her creative outlet because it truly is at the intersection of science and art. By December of 2018, she launched Minor Obsession. 


Minor Obsession is a collection of natural self-care products for truly healthier skin. All MO bar soaps are made small batches with five moisturizing oils, mild exfoliating clays and botanicals for a gentle cleansing experience. Our products will always be free of synthetic fragrances, palm oils, sulfates, artificial colorants and animal by products.

Do you obsess about clean ingredients like we do? Don't worry, It's okay to be a little obsessed. 

xo Courtney

Founder/ Maker